Apprenticeship programme response

In this difficult time, employers and training providers are doing their best for their workforce. We want to support that by ensuring that, wherever possible, apprentices can continue and complete their apprenticeship, despite any break they have to take as a result of COVID-19. Investing in the support of high-quality apprenticeships is a vital part of supporting the economic recovery that will follow.

We are committed to working with training providers, end-point assessment organisations and external quality assurance organisations to mitigate the impacts of this disruption and maintain the integrity of apprenticeships.

Our flexibilities will make it easier for apprentices to continue as an apprentice, by enabling them to take a break from their learning or do their learning or assessment in a different way to that originally planned. As well as ensuring that employers will still have the skills they need for the future, it means that they can temporarily redeploy apprentices without ending their apprenticeship.

  •  If your apprentice is working from home or furloughed using the Government
    Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the apprenticeship can continue to be
    delivered using virtual learning platforms and communication.
  • If your apprentice is re-deployed to perform critical tasks within your business
    that do not reflect their current apprenticeship programme. We can apply for
    a break in learning for the duration of the pandemic and resume learning at a
    later date.

Please stay in contact with your nominated Skills Account Manager for further information or to notify them of any changes concerning Cogent Skills apprentices or indeed, changes you are considering regarding Cogent Skills graduate placement students.

Kind Regards
Nick Durrington
Managing Director
Cogent Skills Apprenticeships & Graduates